Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bored on a plane

I wrote this in a spiral bound notebook on my flight out to LA last week:

Sitting on the plane. I kind of have to pee, but more so want to hold in until I hit the ground floor. Weird. The pilot just came on and said 30 minutes. SIGH. You can do it, G, have some peanuts.

Crazily, I am sitting next to the cutest couple ever. Married 40 years! Off to Maui “for fun” and to ride four wheelers up a volcano. Not. Fair. Anyway – why I brought them up: Their son works for Oprah (p.s. I’m going to LA to take my Grandma to see Oprah’s after Oscar extravaganza show with my mom and aunt). Irony abounds around me. They’ve been to Chicago for her show several times and gave me a bunch of tips (bright colors, stage makeup, and stilettos) for getting sat up front, as well as their son’s name to drop. Holler!

Otherwise, the flight has been pretty tame. I opted out of the in flight movie to work on thesis, but got bored around the 2.5 hour mark. So, here I am: writing (for reals, with a pen) in notebook (the spiral kind) waiting patiently to land.

Um…I just noticed the grossest couple ever is also in flight. I get that this is a long flight (4 hours and some change) but do you have to pretend this is morning happy hour at the Moose Lodge?? Seriously, you don’t need to stand in the aisle, arms around each other, leaning on getting pissier by the second grandpa dude’s seat, reminiscing about that flight to Cancun when the flight attendant spilled your margarita on that spiky haired kid. Enter ear phones.

Apparently, frequent jet setters love watching episodes of Futurama (yay!) and the New Adventures of Old Christine (Oh…kay…). I’ve been treated too two episodes of each. Seems strange…thought I could be staring at, well, I don’t even want to think about that.

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